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Find out more about your local Labour councillors and organisers

Select where you live in Medway or search using your postcode to find out who your local councillors and organisers are:

Chatham Central | Cuxton and Halling | Gillingham North | Gillingham South | Hempstead and Wigmore | Lordswood and Capstone | Luton and Wayfield | Peninsula | Princes Park | Rainham Central | Rainham North | Rainham South | River | Rochester East | Rochester South and Horsted | Rochester West | Strood North | Strood Rural | Strood South | Twydall | Walderslade | Watling



Peninsula Strood North Strood Rural Cuxton and Halling Strood South River Rochester West Rochester East Rochester South Chatham Central Gillingham South Gillingham North Twydall Rainham North Rainham Central Hempstead and Wigmore Rainham South Lordswood and Capstone Princes Park Walderslade Luton and Wayfield Watling


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