A-Level Results 2017

Medway Labour congratulates students in Medway on their A-level achievements.

Through their educational journey this particular group of candidates has been subject to swingeing budget cuts and interference in the exams system by successive Tory Education Secretaries.

It is testament to the resilience of our young people that they continue to excel in spite of so many unnecessary obstacles. Cllr Adam Price, Medway Labour Spokesman for Children and Young People, said:

‘I would like to offer my congratulations to Medway students receiving their A-level results today.

‘Their performance is all the more remarkable considering the cuts forced on schools by the Tory government and ministerial meddling in the way grades are assessed.

‘One can only speculate as to what could be achieved if we invested properly in our schools and allowed teachers to teach in a way which was not dictated by politicians.’