Tories target Medway motorists

This week it emerged that councils across the country are raking in GBP 1.5billion from parking. This figure for 2015-16 takes into account profit from permit schemes,?on-street parking, car parks and fines.

The figures compiled by the RAC Foundation rank 353 local authorities in order of how much they make from motorists, with Tory-run Westminster the biggest earner. Medway comes 63rd on the list with a surplus of GBP 3.1million; higher than cities such as Liverpool (73rd), our neighbour Maidstone (119th) and even the London Borough of Greenwich (89th).

And with eye-watering new parking fees now in force across the Medway Towns that figure may rise in coming years.

Cllr Andy Stamp, Medway Labour Spokesman for Regeneration, said:

‘Despite the damage unfair charges do to our high streets it is clear fleecing motorists is big business for local authorities.
‘Whether it is the shopper trying to support local traders or a worker who needs to park to earn their living, astronomical parking charges are bad news for Medway.
‘Medway’s position on the earnings list above places such as Liverpool, Maidstone and Greenwich is proof that parking is being treated as a cash cow by the council.
‘Medway Labour will continue to fight for a fairer deal for motorists.’