Our Primary Schools worst in England

MEDWAY Council continues to let down the young people of Medway as Ofsted has ranked our schools the worst in England again.

Ofsted has found that over 25% of pupils in Medway are being taught at under-performing schools – a figure which puts Medway at the bottom of the table.

Councillor Adam Price has slammed the betrayal of Medway's children

Councillor Adam Price has slammed the betrayal of Medway’s children

Councillor Adam Price, Medway Labour group’s spokesperson for Education, believes that the betrayal of Medway’s young people has gone too far: “This is further evidence that Medway Council are failing our young people and the time has come for action.

“We’ve had bad news after bad news and the young people of Medway can not afford any more failure.

“It is clear, after several years of Medway being bottom of the league table that a clean break is needed. It’s time for Councillor O’Brien to call time on his record of failure as Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People. But a new Portfolio Holder will require assistance in tackling the systemic problems that exist – as such Medway Labour is calling for an Independent Review into Medway’s Primary Schooling.”

The persistent ‘bottom of the league’ status shows that drastic change is needed. Medway Labour group, in calling upon the resignation of Councillor Mike O’Brien for his persistent failure of Medway’s young people will only be the first step as Medway Labour group leader, Councillor Vince Maple, has outlined: “Anyone who follows football knows that a team who is bottom of the league inevitably sacks their manager. Medway Council has been bottom of the league for several years now. The time for complacency is over and change at the top is needed.

“But we must look at how we can prevent this from happening again and arm a new Portfolio Holder with the tools required to succeed. This is not about political point scoring – this is about giving the young people of Medway the start in life that they deserve.

“That’s why we’re writing to Ofsted and the Department for Education to ask them to work with us in setting up and Independent Review into Medway’s Primary Schooling so that this betrayal of Medway’s young people can finally come to an end.”

By Medway Labour on December 11th, 2015
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