Distress as Personality Disorder Unit Cut

IN spite of the views and experiences of clinicians and patients Gillingham’s Personality Disorder Unit has now closed.

Medway Labour group deputy leader and spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care, Councillor Teresa Murray, is deeply concerned about the impact that the closure is likely to have: “All of the latest research and medical opinion points to the effectiveness of the kind of therapy that the Personality Disorder Unit offered and its ability to keep users out of hospital.

“The community based provision that replaces the Personality Disorder Unit takes a different approach and, which being well intentioned, its effectiveness and sustainability remains to be seen.

“The priority of Medway Labour group is the well-being of the patients and users and, as such, we will continue to work with them, clinicians and mental health charities to monitor what happens.”


The fact that clinicians and patients at the Personality Disorder Unit were not made aware of the pact that the Unit was a trial was, without doubt, an enormous mistake and has caused a great deal of distress and disappointment.

There is a clear need for all of the organisations involved in the delivery of mental health services to work more closely together.

At tonight’s (Thursday 17th December) Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny meeting Medway Labour councillors will continue to lead the way in holding to account those involved in mental health delivery in Medway.

By Medway Labour on December 17th, 2015
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