Kent PCC challenged on IPCC report

FOLLOWING the IPCC report into the car crash involving Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes Medway Labour group’s spokesperson for Policing and Community Safety, Cllr Tristan Osborne, has called for Barnes to focus on PCs and not PR: “The IPCC report today highlighted significant questions around process which need to be answered”

“This is just the latest car crash from our current Police & Crime Commissioner; with Ann-Force 1; the Channel 4 ‘Onion’ and the debacles over the Youth Tsar it is clear that we need a Crime Commissioner focused on PCs and not PR”

“Medway residents deserve better than Tory-led Police cuts but the thin blue line can’t operate unless it has the confidence of its Police and Crime Commissioner. With Ann Barnes preoccupied with PR she is unable to lead the fight against the Tory cuts. This is bound to have a detrimental affect of police morale and as a former Special Constable myself I know how important morale can be.”

Councillor Osborne has called for Ann Barnes to be transparent about her intentions to stand again in May but has refused to join those calling for her to resign immediately: “There is an election for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent in May 2016. With that election impending it would be wrong for Ann Barnes to resign now and call a by-election which would come at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds to the tax payer. It is also critical that Kent has a voice when it comes to the forthcoming Conservative cuts to Police budgets that will impact the frontline over the coming weeks.

“But I would ask her to be transparent about her intentions to stand in May. In my view that past four years has been car crash after car crash. Kent needs a Police and Crime Commissioner who will focus of PCs and not PR. Ann Barnes has shown she is incapable of doing that and it is for that reason that she must consider her position very closely.”

By Medway Labour on October 27th, 2015
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