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Tristram Hunt, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Education, came to Medway this week to speak with primary school teachers, governors and parents about how best to support our local schools, and particularly how to improve Key Stage 2 results.

At a meeting hosted by Tristan Osborne, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Chatham & Aylesford, Mr Hunt spoke with representatives of schools across Medway about the challenges that our schools face in their fight to improve, and how they can better help our young people lay a strong foundation from which they can aspire and achieve throughout their lives.

In recent years Medway has consistently been one of the worst performing areas regarding education, and was recently placed bottom – 150th out of 150 – on the national Key Stage 2 rankings. Between January 2010 and January 2014, the number of pupils in classes over 30 increased by over 400%.

Labour’s plan for education – to cap class sizes, expand the vocational curriculum, and give greater responsibility to those at a local level – will ensure local children have a broader and better quality of teaching.

Tristram Hunt MP said:

“Having spoken with some of Medway’s parents and teachers, I can see that they do not lack the drive and ambition to succeed and provide a great education for local children. They’re being let down by a Conservative-led Government and Council that hasn’t given them the support they need to thrive. Only under a Labour Government will we be able to make progress – our plan for education will give young people across Britain a better quality of teaching, and a better start in life”.

Tristan Osborne said:

“As someone who grew up in the Medway Towns, I know from my personal experience – but also from speaking to many residents over the years – that local people are worried that our children are being let down. Only Labour has a consistent and co-ordinated plan to improve standards – we’ll work with teachers and parents, not dictate to them from above”.
Adam Price, Medway Labour’s Education spokesperson said:

“It is great to see a co-ordinated education plan that will, if we elect a Labour Government and Council this May, brighten the future of our young people across the country. In Medway, where we need strong leadership on education, this will be a welcome relief to parents, teachers and children”.



By Medway Labour on February 23rd, 2015

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