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While the Medway Tory party is busy infighting and splitting off into factions, Medway has ground to a halt and nothing is being done to support motorists. In Medway Labour’s 2011 manifesto we promised to Get Medway Moving and that is something we still see as crucial.

Traffic on the Medway City Estate and at Darnley Arch is having a massive impact on people’s lives and the local economy as well as having a big impact on pollution levels with cars stuck in jams. We know these traffic issues as well as the general condition of the roads is tough to deal with, especially while the Conservative council administration spends £4.4m on the most expensive piece of tarmac: Rochester Airfield.

Residents are rightly angry with terrible road conditions and unacceptable delays in Strood and Medway City Estate, let alone the long standing complaints about the road set up in Chatham, the millions wasted on an unwanted “Dynamic Bus Facility” and the sink holes on our Gillingham streets.

If all of those issues were not enough, we now have another vitally important road concern impacting locally  – that of out-of-area taxis operating in Medway. Not only does this pose a potential safety concern, it also brings a lower standard of service to individuals using taxis and impacts on hard working Medway taxi drivers trying to earn a decent living in difficult times. It is for these reasons that Medway Labour will be raising the issue at the next Full Council meeting on 16th October.

So, with £4.4m being spent on an airfield development that the public overwhelmingly doesn’t want while our roads are jammed and covered in potholes, it’s time there was action.

At both the upcoming by-election in Rochester and Strood and 7th May next year residents will be able to vote Labour to finally get Medway moving.

By Medway Labour on October 3rd, 2014
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