Mark Reckless Defects to UKIP – Medway Labour Responds

Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester & Strood, has announced his defection to UKIP and his resignation from Parliament.

Naushabah Khan, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester & Strood, said: “With such division in the Medway Tory party, it’s clear that there is only one choice in Medway for the progressive, fair vote and that is Labour. We have a 10 year plan to save the NHS, including the extra resource of 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs and 5,000 more careworkers. In Rochester and Strood, we have a choice between a Labour party that will save the NHS or a Tory party that is in a race with UKIP to the far-right.”

Vince Maple, Leader of Medway Labour Group, said: “Today’s news just confirms what we suspected about the MP for Rochester and Strood. His switch from the Tories to UKIP reveals the divisions in the Medway Conservative party. I know Naushabah Khan, Labour’s candidate for Rochester & Strood, will be an excellent MP. Labour is the progressive voice – changing Medway together.”

Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, said: “This is a hammer blow to David Cameron’s already weakened authority. On the eve of his conference we again see that Conservatives’ confidence in Cameron is plummeting. David Cameron has always pandered to his right, and even now they are deserting him.

“This also underlines that UKIP are a party of Tory people, Tory policies and Tory money. It is clearer than ever that only Labour has a plan to make everyday working people across the country better off.”

By Medway Labour on September 27th, 2014
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