Labour call for Alcohol Control Zone extension


The Alcohol Control Zone Luton and Wayfield councillors wish to see extended


Luton & Wayfield Councillors are calling on Medway Council to extend the Chatham Alcohol Control Zone into Luton as a result of PACT petitioning and resident questions to full council.

Medway Council, in partnership with Kent police, controls anti-social behaviour and street drinking in Chatham through an alcohol control zone but the zone finishes at the Luton arches. Labour Councillors want to see this zone extended into Luton.

Residents and businesses were consulted before the original zone was established in 2007 and we believe they would support an extension.

The Luton & Wayfield Councillor’s have recently secured additional funding for CCTV units for the area and are working with PACTs to combat anti-social behaviour in the locality.

The alcohol control zone in Chatham has helped reduce anti-social behaviour and made a real difference for people living, working and shopping in the area. The zone was the second in Medway. The first was introduced in Rochester in 2003.

The order does not mean a blanket ban on drinking in public but does mean a police officer or authorised council officer can prevent anyone drinking alcohol if they are behaving anti-socially. They also have the power to confiscate and dispose of alcohol and fine people

Commenting Cllr Tristan Osborne,

“As ward Councillor’s one of the major issues raised with us at PACTs, in surgeries and on the doorstep in Luton surrounds anti-social behaviour by a minority

“We have been working with the local community, resident-led PACTs and the Council to give the Police the tool kit to challenge this issue head on. The introduction of dispersal zones, improved CCTV coverage and feedback and combating graffiti has been a good start; but more work needs to be done including provision of temporary CCTV units in issues of reported criminality and pro-active policing in identified hotspots”

“We are being told that alcohol consumption is leading to increased anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of Luton Road and as such we are calling today for the extension of the Chatham Alcohol Control zone and will be presenting our case to the Council in August”


Cllr Osborne has submitted a request to the Chair of Regeneration, Community and Culture on behalf of ward Councillor’s for a members item to be discussed at the meeting on August 16th 2012. The Councillors for the ward will present the case for the extension of the zone.

By Medway Labour on June 20th, 2012

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