Is it really better for less?


Medway Labour Group are extremely disappointed to see more cuts to frontline services in the latest tranche of ‘Better for Less’ announcements.

Up to 75 posts will be cut from the council, impacting vital front-line public services including bereavement, registrars and libraries.

Cllr Vince Maple, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group said

“Less than a year ago, the Tories in Medway stood on a platform of no cuts to front line services. The truth is coming out now with valued services like libraries and bereavement services being impacted on. There can be no doubt these are broken promises from the Tories in Medway with hundreds of posts being deleted and redundancies happening across Medway.”

“One way of saving some considerable money would be to cut back on the amount spent on consultants telling the council how to do its job. The Tories have a poor track record on managing the council purse strings, be it on capital projects like the Bus Station, Chatham Roadworks and most recently the Stoke Crossing or having to have dozens of exceptions to their procurement processes often meaning the residents of Medway are not getting best value for money.”